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1.(M)Hi, Jill. I just saw your roommate coming out of the library. She looks different. . . Did she get her hair cut or something?
(W)Yeah, three days ago, actually. And hardly anyone’s noticed.

2.(W)Haven’t you heard? The field trip’s been called off because of the weather.
(M)But. . . Professor Lane told us just today to meet at 4:00 in front of the library. Maybe I can still reach him in his office.

3.(M)I’m sorry to hear about your car getting hit in the parking lot. Did you find out if the other driver’s insurance will cover it?
(W)Not yet. But I’m looking into it.

4.(W)I think our baseball team’s got a good chance of winning the championship this year.
(M)What? Are you kidding? Have you seen them play recently?

5.(W)Are you sure this is the right way to the main auditorium? I can’t afford to be late.
(M)Oh, that won’t happen. We’ll be there in no time.

6.(W)John, I’d like to talk to you about the way you come late every day. It disrupts the class.
(M)I’m sorry, Professor. I didn’t realize I was bothering anyone. I’ll watch it from now on.

7.(W)The drama club is holding auditions for their annual play—it’s a musical. What do you think?
(M)To tell you the truth, I don’t really act or sing, but thanks for thinking of me.

8.(M)What are you doing here? I thought you’d be picking your brother up at the airport.
(W)Oh, well, he called last night to say he has the flu.

9.(W)I can’t believe my phone bill this month; it’s way too high.
(M)Yeah, that happened to me a lot last year. But this year I’ve just tried to cut back on my long-distance calls.

10.(W)What am I going to do? I have a big paper due Monday, but I promised Laura we’d clean the apartment this weekend!
(M)Why don’t you just see if Laura will postpone it for a week?

11.(W)Didn’t the committee say it would only take a month for them to complete the report? It took at least twice that long.
(M)Yeah, their estimate was way off the mark.

12.(M)There’s a group of us going skiing this weekend. You interested?
(W)Not on your life! Don’t you remember that trip to Mount Hope—when I wound up in a cast for two months?

13.(M)Please be sure to put all the lab equipment back on the shelves when you’re through with your experiment.
(W)Oh, don’t worry. I’m always very careful about that.
(N)What does the woman mean?

14.(W)Thanks for picking up those groceries for me. How much do I owe you?
(M)We’re even. You paid for the concert tickets last week, remember?

15.(W)The soccer championships are on right now, on channel 8.
(M)If you don’t mind, I’d like to see the end of this nature program. It should only take another ten minutes or so.

16.(M)Why did I ever agree to work on the school newspaper the same semester I’m taking five classes?
(W)That’s some load. You’ve got your hands full, all right.

17.(M)I’m trying to find someone to come with me to the new sculpture exhibit at the art museum on Saturday.
(W)I’m not too crazy about art myself. . . but what about Mary? She’s taking an art history course and seems to be enjoying it.

18.(W)You know, if you closed your windows all the way during this cold weather your electric bills wouldn’t be so high.
(M)Sure, but my housemate will never agree to that.

19.(M)Gee, if it keeps raining like this they’ll probably cancel the play tonight.
(W)Yeah. Too bad they can’t just move to an indoor stage.

20.(M)Hi, Susan. If you’re not doing anything for dinner tonight, a bunch of us are going to that new Italian restaurant in town.
(W)Well, I am in the mood for some spaghetti, and I’ve heard the food there’s not bad.

21.(M)There, the room looks really great now that we finally got the furniture. Aren’t you glad we made it to the clearance sale?
(W)Mmm, I still can’t get over the huge discounts we got.

22.(M)I’ve got to hurry home. My favorite television show comes on in a few minutes.
(W)Don’t you have anything better to do?

23.(W)My car broke down and I’ve got a doctor’s appointment on the other side of town!
(M)It’s lucky you ran into me, then. I can give you a ride on my way to work.

24.(M)This is the second time this month that my boss has asked me to work extra hours. I’m glad to get a bigger paycheck, but I just don’t want her to give me such a heavy schedule.
(W)Better watch your step. A lot of people would like to trade places with you.

25.(M)I don’t know what I could’ve done to make Bob so mad at me!
(W)Me neither, but he’s likely to stay that way until you say you’re sorry.

26.(W)Hey, Mike. I hear you and Pete found a new place.
(M)Yeah, the apartment’s pretty nice, but after living there a couple months, I’m wondering if I can afford to stay in it.

27.(W)This mirror is the perfect size for our bathroom. And it’s half off.
(W)We won’t have time to hang it today. It’ll still be here next week.

28.(M)Please tell me I haven’t missed the deadline for tuition payment.
(W)I’m afraid you’re about a week late.

29.(M)I pretty much decided I want to play on the soccer team next semester . . .
(W)You’re certainly good enough, but, well, weren’t you just telling me about how you really need to concentrate on improving your grades next semester?

30.(W)I find Dr. Langston’s style of lecturing so tedious.
(M)Isn’t it! And I’ve got a short attention span.

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